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Basics of Web Design
HTML5 & CSS3 Third Edition

Chapter 2 – HTML Basics

In this chapter you will continue your study of HTML and configure the structure and formatting of text on a web page using HTML elements, including the new HTMl5 header, nav, and footer elements. You’re also ready to explore hyperlinks, which make the World Wide Web into a web of interconnected information. As you read this chapter, be sure to work through the examples. Coding a web page is a skill, and every skill improves with practice. Resource websites and chapter links are listed below.

Popular Browsers

Although Internet Explorer remains the most popular browser, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari have a share of the browser market. Visit StatCounter for recent trends. The log file and/or log reports provided by your web host will inform you about your visitors' browser preferences.

HTML Validation and Conformance Checkers

Browser Downloads

HTML5 Resources

Special Characters

When you need to display special characters, such as a copyright symbol or even an apostrophe on a web page, use an HTML5 character reference name. Visit and HTML5 Special Character Reference for lists of special characters.

HTML Editing Resources

Writing Text for Hyperlinks

Visit the following resources for tips about how to write the phrases that you configure as hyperlinks —it can make the difference between a user clicking the link or ignoring it.

Chapter Updates

  • Page 28 Hands-On Practice 2.1
    The closing title tag should be </title>

  • Pages 46-47
    As of September 2015, the W3C changed the W3C HTML5 Validation processing. The results of the validation process are now different.
    View the new version of Figure 2.15.
    View the new version of Figure 2.16.
    The success message now indicates:
    "Document checking completed. No errors or warnings to show".

  • Page 49 Hands-On Practice 2.11, #4:
    The first h2 element should be:
    <h2>New Media and Web Design</h2>

  • Page 56 Hands-On Practice 2.14, #3 part a:
    The text displayed by the title element should be:
    "Trillium Media Design - Services"

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Review Games

Review activities are available for this chapter. Check your knowledge of chapter terms and concepts.

The Web Development Profession

Web development is a field that is ever-changing. What's a web developer to do?

World Organization of Webmasters
The World Organization of Webmasters (WOW) is a leading organization in providing certification and educational resources to web professionals in all phases of their career. WOW offers a variety of resources for web developers including workshops, webinars, courses, and interviews with web professionals.

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