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Basics of Web Design
HTML5 & CSS3 Third Edition

Chapter 12 – Web Publishing Basics

Well, you've designed and built a website, but there is still much more to do. You need to obtain a domain name, select a web host, publish your files to the Web, and submit your site to search engines. In addition to discussing these tasks, this chapter introduces you to evaluating the accessibility and usability of your website. Resource websites and chapter links are listed below.

Domain Name Registration


Choosing a Web Host


Search Engine Resources



After you have verified that your HTML and CSS code is valid, follow the steps described at to manually check your web pages for compliance with WCAG 2.0 accessibilty requirements: relevant page title, alt text for images, headings, appropriate color contrast, zoom, keyboard access, multimedia alternatives, and plain content view.

Accessibility Resources

Accessibility Testing Tools

Usability Testing

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